Mesaje de aniversare, mesaje onomastica

Ravase de amor si alte maruntisuri ;)) Avem de tătie =) dar mai presus de toate, nu uitati sa trimiteti si flori 😉


I wish to be with you for this special occasion, and I can’t wait to see you anymore. Je t’aime mon ange de tout mon coeur. Joyeux anniversaire

LA MULTII ANIII PUIUUUUU t ubeste puiu tau enorm si abia astiapta sa isi vada nevastik.t ubesc enorm

LA MULTI ANI femeie cu suflet plin de comori alese! Fie ca viata sa te copleseasca mereu cu iubire, incantare si plenitudine extatica! Te imbratisam cu o mare dragoste ardeleneasca,…

Tu esti floarea mea. Corpul meu si inima mea. Sufletul meu si pentru totdeauna. Numai dragostea mea. Te iubesc, L


frumoaso! nu stiu ce m-as face fara tine.. i love you

Iuberea mea, I know I should be there WITH YOU TODAY TO GIVE YOU SO MUCH CARE but I PROMISE it’ll be the last birthday I’m not with you!TE IUBESC FOARTE MULT! LA MULTI ANI! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO! TEU BEBE

Cu intarziere, va urez o primavara minunata, alaturi de familie. Cu deosebit respect….

A…, I know this will be our week. I am sending these flowers hoping that you will smile. I wish us good luck this week, I think it is our time!

La Multi Ani, Mami, si multe primaveri insorite cu bucurie! Ne gadim la tine si te imbratisam cu drag
cu ocazia zilei onomastice,Iti dorim multa sanate,fericire,bucurie si indeplinirea tuturor dorintelor.un calduros LA MULTI ANI

multe imbratisari de la distanta! la multi ani!

iPod downloads

Ipod is considered a cultural symbol of our millenium due to its multiple functions and facilities. That’s why, the iPod is no longer used only for music, but also for downloads. iPod downloads suppose that one can listen also to music, music which is downloaded from the internet. iPod downloads suppose also new information, videos and e-mails (that is possible by using the iPhone). Your benefits of the iPod downloads are the following: you can connect directly to the personal and business e-mails even when you have not a direct access to PC, you can receive alert messages when receiving new e-mails, you can also write and read e-mails. This is called the store of messages in offline folders.

Ipod downloads can be realised directly from the specialised site of Apple, using the iTunes programme. Among other things that make iPod downloads so important for each of us, there are the audio books. iPod changed the manner in which one has access to the multimedia content, either it’s music, shows, texts and films.

The iPod downloads, can be facilitated by using hardPod. This is a freeware which can transfer the music from your iPod on your computer. With one type of version (3.0) you can also transfer videos. Other functions offered are: to edit the tags and to adjust the sonor volume of your folders. A small programme, which works rapidly and efficiently. You have now the possibility to make iPod downloads without any efforts, more settings and without losing your time. You simply have to add the song to iTunes, after having it downloaded it from the sites shop’s music or after having imported it from a CD. The format the iPod accepts is the MP3, because it occupies less space. Like this the iPod download is easier and it permits the store of much more music on the hard disk or on a flash memory. In order to make the iPod download more effective, it’s important to have access to a network connection by broadband. iPod downloads work also using the dial-up connection, but you lose more time like this. You also need a software for iPod downloads, which generally comes together with the iPod, iTunes, or who can also be discharged from What should you do next? You must connect the iPod to the computer’s USB cable and iTunes will charge it with almost 240 songs which you can listen to following a specific order or just by chance by clicking shuffle.

Before thinking to make any iPod download, you have to be assured that you can legally download music from the site you chose. You can see that all the sites have clear instructions about how you can download a song on your own computer.

DVD to iPod

In a world governed by technology and communication, what it lost as weight must be made up for quality. By having the iPod in your hand, with all your favourite music from all times, this gives you an ineffable sensation of control and possession. How to convert DVD to iPod, using Windows is a new experience you have dreamed of. Talking about DVD to iPod, we should mention some of the things one can have on the iPod: games, films, books, music. Each download costs, but who can afford it as long as he/she has this fascinating jewel which is the iPod? So, the next step you should make it would be that of converting your DVDs to iPod.

If you are eager to find out how you can “bring” the DVD to iPod, there are lots of sites on internet showing you how to do that. Converting DVD to iPods, it’s not at all complicated, but let’s see in what consists the whole process.
First of all, you may have different interests, such as: how do I convert videos to my iPod? Or, how do I put movies on the iPod? The first thing to do when converting DVD to iPods is to take a DVD and rip it to an MP4 player at a resolution supported by your own iPod. This differs from one type of iPod to the others. Then, you should download free, some of the following software: iTunes, MPEG4 encoder: Videora iPod converter or the DVD Decrypter When having one of these, you can open iTunes. Then you should drag the songs or the new videos onto the Library or directly on your iPod. iTunes will transfer video file from the iTunes Library to your iPod. By importing what you want to hear or listen to, into iTunes, you can make a playlist so that you can find it easily when you look for it, later on.

We are talking about music and films. But, you can also convert DVD to iPod in order to extend your collection of games. Now you can have Pac-Man, Tetris, Votex, Zuma and much more.

It’s amazing to see that you can turn your iPod into a portable movie player. Having the DVD to iPod, to watch movies on the go, that’s a new lifestyle to experience. You can easily convert all kind of DVD to iPod with a highest conversion speed and excellent conversion quality.

If you are an untrained user, you don’t have to worry about it. Converting DVD to iPod is fast in speed and easy to use. Once you have downloaded the soft that converts DVD to iPod, with just some clicks, you’ll have finished the conversion. Now you can enjoy to have everything you wanted on your iPod: excellent image and sound quality.

iPod cases

There are many iPod accessories that can “accompany” your iPod. It’s very important when having an iPod, to take into consideration having some accessories which can provide it a more sophisticated look, but more important, its protection. Among the most trendy and useful, at the same time, are the iPod cases. They are trendy because now Apple has a wide variety of iPod cases.

Some of the most appreciated ones by the customers remain the iPod cases conceived by a soft and elegant leather. Their interior lining is beautiful, but also in the exterior they are “equipped” with a removable metal belt clip. The iPod cases conceived by leather are slim and have a padded design which protects the iPods from being scratched. This type of iPod cases offers multiple openings on the leather. This is a major advantage because one has access to basic functions and another important thing is that the iPod can be recharged while being protected in its case. While in a case, you have access to the click-wheel. This types of cases provide the iPods with built-in screen protection.

Furthermore, its magnetic closure makes it incredibly practical. This kind of iPod case offers an optimal protection to your device. There are several attractive leather cases in many colours and styles. Some of them are: Fold-over, flip-open, or clip-it-to-your-belt with the carabiner. The specialists recommend it to be used with your iPod due to its compatibilities with the iPods, including also the colours. iPod cases come now in a huge range of colours and designs, giving your iPod individuality without compromising on protection.

Some of the carrying cases have also clip belts. When looking for any type of iPod case, one has to take care to choose one made from a thin material in order not to affect the performance of the touch interface. A very good model of this kind of iPod case is the one made of silicone with lanyard. It is the ideal iPod case to have. Even if the prices are quite high, its quality is guaranteed. It provides protection from dust, fingerprints, grime and scratches. They protect very good the iPods because they are designed so that there are no air gaps between the screen and the cover surface. Due to its lanyard, the case snugly fits the iPod.

Some iPods cases designed by Apple are the ones made of translucent plastic. These are transparent covers, but they have a rubberizes protection on the sides and back. Other iPod cases have a stand and a soft exterior and some of the models have also an interior cable holder for other accessories, such as the earbuds. These iPod cases, include as colours: black, green and pink, but there are other colours which can be chosen depending on the particular case desired.

Discount iPods

Ipods have revolutioned the way we purchase and listen to music with their appearance in 2001. Ever since, the customers want to posses them. There are some factors we should take in account before buying an discount ipods.

Whernever buying an ipod, the research for prices worth to be made. Why? Because it’s the only way you can buy an ipod at a lower price, it’s the only way you can have a discount ipod. A good example of web site where you can find all this kind of information regarding discount ipods is, and among the best sources to ckeck out: DealMac, eBay, Dealtime and MacSpeedZone.

It’s not anymore a secret that they are very expensive so that’s why one has to be focused on what he wants to buy. Nowadays, there are plenty of sources from where you can obtain discount ipods. There are ipod models from many sources, mainly on the internet. You can find discount ipods among the discontinued products, such as the ipod mini, which are still in high demand. It’s the best way to check out if that’s what you have really wanted.

It’s not necessarily a reasonable decision to buy a cheaper ipod than spend a bit mode in order to have a non-outdated ipod. However, you will be able to choose the best discount ipod for you, by thinking better which suits you best and which are your demand from its high technology – in other words, what you will do with it. Moreover, you have the possibility to compare the models of ipods and also their prices, so that you will take the right decision. You can enjoy a discount ipod ingeniously built, but not as up to date model or as the ones within apparition.

There are different web sites which provide you the current information and the ipod prices. It’s recommended also to read specialised magazines and shopping info on ipod prices. That’s a good point to find out about discount ipods. If you’re anxious about having the new technology it would be better to see and ask if your friends, who already own ipods, are satisfied about their acquisition. You may find out after have bought it, it’s not really the type and model of discount ipod that you have wanted.

With such a variety and popularity of products of different shapes and sizes, the manufacturers’ interests are to capture their consumers, and why not say, it’s not quite their “desire” to sell discount ipods. The latest models are trendy,as you can integrate them with other devices, like computer and television.

iPod software


The Apple Company designs, manufactures and markets personal computers and related software, services and software solutions. The ipod software produced by Apple browsing and downloading music from the internet is iTunes. iTunes let you browse the iTunes on line music store, where you can search for songs, browse genres and then download songs, music, videos and TV shows. iTunes is only one product from Apple. Besides it, there are more, such as: Copy trans photo (this is the ultimate backup for your iPod, iPod photo and iPod video; you can use this programme to recover and share your iPod photos); the it’s Copy Trans Doctor (the iPod’s doctor meaning that is a repair and recovery solution. Its services consist in diagnosticating, locating missings lost and if it’s the case to recover songs that have been deleted from your iPod).

Another iPod software which is at your service is the iLibs. This iPod software enables you to manage multiple iTunes libraries and easily switch between them. Then iCloner is a product which helps you save storage space. By using it, you can create a complete backup image of your iPod that can be restored in case that is lost, deleted or stolen. Yamipod is another iPod software which allows you to manage the content of your Ipod without necessarily have the iTunes installed. By using it, you can import and export playlists, search for songs, edit notes and much more.

iTunes is the place from where you can buy the music you want, anytime you want – either one song at a time or an entire album. Before buying the music, the iPod software, iTunes offers you the possibility to listen for a few second the song you like in the section „just for you section”. On iTunes, the advantage as an iPod software is that besides buying, you can also watch your favourite artists. Then, playing movies on iTunes it’s a pleasure, but a bigger one is that when you want to watch them, you don’t have to leave your armchair, because now, you can watch a trailer before you buy it, just like in the case of music.

Other things that can be done by using the ipod software, such as iTunes are related to TV shows. Everybody’s opinion is that is much more comfortable to stay at home and watch a movie rather then go somewhere in town. Besides, who would refuse watching films at a higher resolution? I guess nobody!

As an iPod software, you can take advantage of iTunes to listen also to the podcasts just by clicking one button and you’ll have everything what you want: the latest episodes delivered directly to your computer.

iPod accessories

You cannot conceive having an iPod without any accessory. There are many types of accessories redesigned especially by Apple but also by different manufacturers of electronic equipments. Ipod accessories are funny things to use and incredibly popular. Some of the most unknown and also used are: the leather case for iPod nano, the iPod power adapter, the iPod shuffle dock, the iPod home stereo connection kit. Their purpose is not just to be trendy, but also useful in order to protect your iPod. The most popular iPod accessories remain the protective covers, the little ones which dress it up. They are awesome because they are the ideal solution for protecting your iPod. Some of the carrying cases have also clip belts. Especially the protective cover offers direct access to the iPod. Now you don’t have to worry any more that you will scratch the iPod! The solution is to buy one little case. Now, the choice belongs to you! You can buy iPod accessories, particularly the cases, allow you to charge it, while in case, and the most important is that you have access to the click wheel. iPods, as well as accessories, have innovative designs.

Other IPod accessories are the earphones and headphones. Both of them are very trendy. For the ones more sensible, the earphones suit better. They fit perfectly in your ears and the sound is great. Moreover, you can use the earphones, as iPod accessories while you can comfortably lie your head down on a pillow wherever you are with them in. While you are listening on the treadmill (ah, si despre astea am scris:)), in your back yard, while falling into a light slumber in your hammock or simply while walking down the street, or in the bus, they are very useful and practical to use.

These iPod mini accessories turn your small little device into a huge sound system. So, with this great iPod accessory, you can consider you have a small apartment or a home office.

Additional iPod accessories are some small attachments which you can put on your iPod. They are nonessential but anyway they are funny and innovative. So? What can you do with them? They are very helpful for business meetings or important conversations that you want to listen to again. They are a kind of little objects who can be attached on the top of your iPod. You’ll find lots in variety and price and the only think you have to do to find something nice and cheap is to shop around.

iPod accessories are small details that tell us enormous amount about not only the product (in our case, about the iPod), but also about the great care we “attend” the iPod with.

iPod Classic

Ipod classic – when music meets style

When it comes to playing music, iPod classic is the top dog from Apple family of iPods. iPod classic represents the sixth generation of gadgets which let you carry everything in your collection everywhere you go, but it isn’t the last model, because the final stage of refinement is attained by the iPhone. This type created by Apple, the iPod classic, in both variants, the first of 80 GB of storage, and the second, of 160 GB, puts your entire music and your video collection in your pocket. iPod classic is different from the other types due to its huge capacity of storage. What can you do with so much space? That’s the question, isn’t it? With iPod classic you can extend the battery life (for the model of 80 GB) up to 40 hours of audio and 7 for video, while at the other model, the life battery holds up to 22 hours for audio and 7 hours for video.

The specialists from Toshiba are developing technology and among their plans is that they want to create something in the future, something capable to boast the capacity of iPod classic. iPod classic is in fact the intermediate between iPod nano and iPod touch. It’s neither classic nor modern. It’s the connection between the two gadgets. One of the iPod’s classic modernist elements is the enhanced interface which permits you to experience a new way to browse and view your music and videos. Its sleeker beautiful design features a new all metal-enclosure.

iPods classic comes in set of two colours: black and white. Metallic colours contain tiny flakes within the colour that add a little sparkle and variation to the shade. iPod classic features now a polished stainless enclosure with rounded edges. That’s a kind of ars techinca, or better said, that’s an amazing effect for iPod’s classic design. These colours are finished with the same high-gloss, scratch resistant finish, and make an eye-catching addition to the product. Those who choose this type of model make a good choice, in accordance with the manufacturers opinion because iPod classic is different: more durable, sleeker, slimmer and has a smaller screen. Besides the larger hard drive size of iPod classic, and other newer components, is the click wheel which functions just as a laptop mouse.

So, the ideas above can transform you in a proud and happy owner of the shiny iPod classic. Even if you got it as a birthday party, a holiday gift or you just bought it for yourself, you can’t deny the excitement you felt when wrapping the present paper and the idea of how fun you’ll have with the new toy, or think how to value the new “jewel”.

Apple iPod


Apple, the American producer of electronic equipments launches, designs and produces iPods. It markets personal computers and related software, services, networking solutions. Apple also designs and develops a line of portable digital music players as well as accessories.

Apple iPods are brands of portable media players. There are 4 types of Apple iPpods: iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch. There are also the former products (or the Apple iPod family) which include iPod Mini (it was replaced by iPod nano) and the iPod photo (but this model was re-integrated into the main iPod classic line). No matter your preferences, there is at least one to “fall in love with” because Apple iPods are created so as you can enjoy your multimedia collection.

It is well known that in our digital world, Apple iPods play a very important role. They have an excellent overall value. That is due to the improvements which were made, if we have to compare them with the mp3 players or with the mp4 players. We are talking about the brighter screen and the video battery life and besides these much more.

There are many things people love to Apple iPod: that it can hold about five hundred songs, that it provides you the ability to set-up a play list. Moreover something very important is that Apple iPods have a shuffle function and that it comes with a clickwheel. This can be considered to be the attraction of this generation, besides the larger hard drive size and many other components. The clickwheels functions just like a laptop mouse because it senses the movements your fingers make on it to scroll through menus. You can just click then on it to make selections.

Apple iPod captured and will probably continue to conquest the heart of millions of music lovers. Why? Because it’s ingenious built in order to give you the best experience of music you have ever had. Apple iPod stirs up visual effects from the outside, so it isn’t just the video and audio aspect which counts, but also the visual one, the image. Now, with the Apple iPods you have the chance to take your music and audio collection with ou wherever you go. Everything can be installed by using iTunes which is the application you use with the Apple iPod.

How to play music, how to watch videos, how to set a sleep timer, how to sync photos from a computer, its superb sound, clear images and revolutionary multi-touch interface, these are only some of the things Apple iPod has scored a smash hit with.

iPod Touch


Apple launches in USA, in September, the new generation of iPod touch. If touching is believing, then we should discuss about the technical specifications and design. ipod touch is a portable media player which was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPod touch uses flash memory like the iPod shuffle but with a smallest version of the display screen and with a click-wheel which was adopted from the iPod classic. iPod touch is the first generation of iPods which has wireless access to the iTunes Store from where you can download songs. Ipod touch can surf the internet by using the wireless technology and the information can be transferred by using a theoretical basis of almost 54 mbps.

iPod’s touch design resembles very much with that of the iPhone, the most mediatisated gadget from history. Everything is question of style, so that’s why, the manufacturers have thought to separate the physical home button from the touch screen. We can say that iPod touch, being considered a best seller, is a iPhone without the function GSM. One can do a lot of thing by using it, except that of talking. The display is brighter compared with that of other models and the cower flow interface offers a better field of vision. The touch screen is wide, multi-touch.

The home screen includes a headphone set, an alarm clock and a list of buttons which reveal from the applications that the iPod touch has, such as: music, videos, photos. The safari browser which is incorporated in ipod touch can reveal the pages exactly as they have been conceived for the computer’s displays. Then, calendar, clock, contacts and calculator are the settings found at the top. As wallpaper, iPod touch comes “gifted” with 28 types of photos inspired mostly from the iPod advertisements. Being ”equipped” with almost everything, the question most of the people asked themselves was if iPod touch had Bluetooth. The answer is negative. The sensational iPod touch is the first one who disposes of Wi-Fi connection and multi-touch interface.

We must not forgt that iPod touch has also the accelerometer. Its role is to rotate the images and permit to change the position, either vertical or horizontal. The resolution of the image is very good and clear. The formats iPod touch uses to see the photos are: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF. iPod touch can be found only on black. There are no colours from which one can choose this model. Also you can find it with the capacity to store of 8 or 16 GB (without having the possibility to expand the memory with an external hard).

iPod touch is iPhone’s rival in matter of technology. It’s not just a player, it’s much more.