iPod Classic

Ipod classic – when music meets style

When it comes to playing music, iPod classic is the top dog from Apple family of iPods. iPod classic represents the sixth generation of gadgets which let you carry everything in your collection everywhere you go, but it isn’t the last model, because the final stage of refinement is attained by the iPhone. This type created by Apple, the iPod classic, in both variants, the first of 80 GB of storage, and the second, of 160 GB, puts your entire music and your video collection in your pocket. iPod classic is different from the other types due to its huge capacity of storage. What can you do with so much space? That’s the question, isn’t it? With iPod classic you can extend the battery life (for the model of 80 GB) up to 40 hours of audio and 7 for video, while at the other model, the life battery holds up to 22 hours for audio and 7 hours for video.

The specialists from Toshiba are developing technology and among their plans is that they want to create something in the future, something capable to boast the capacity of iPod classic. iPod classic is in fact the intermediate between iPod nano and iPod touch. It’s neither classic nor modern. It’s the connection between the two gadgets. One of the iPod’s classic modernist elements is the enhanced interface which permits you to experience a new way to browse and view your music and videos. Its sleeker beautiful design features a new all metal-enclosure.

iPods classic comes in set of two colours: black and white. Metallic colours contain tiny flakes within the colour that add a little sparkle and variation to the shade. iPod classic features now a polished stainless enclosure with rounded edges. That’s a kind of ars techinca, or better said, that’s an amazing effect for iPod’s classic design. These colours are finished with the same high-gloss, scratch resistant finish, and make an eye-catching addition to the product. Those who choose this type of model make a good choice, in accordance with the manufacturers opinion because iPod classic is different: more durable, sleeker, slimmer and has a smaller screen. Besides the larger hard drive size of iPod classic, and other newer components, is the click wheel which functions just as a laptop mouse.

So, the ideas above can transform you in a proud and happy owner of the shiny iPod classic. Even if you got it as a birthday party, a holiday gift or you just bought it for yourself, you can’t deny the excitement you felt when wrapping the present paper and the idea of how fun you’ll have with the new toy, or think how to value the new “jewel”.


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