iPod Touch


Apple launches in USA, in September, the new generation of iPod touch. If touching is believing, then we should discuss about the technical specifications and design. ipod touch is a portable media player which was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPod touch uses flash memory like the iPod shuffle but with a smallest version of the display screen and with a click-wheel which was adopted from the iPod classic. iPod touch is the first generation of iPods which has wireless access to the iTunes Store from where you can download songs. Ipod touch can surf the internet by using the wireless technology and the information can be transferred by using a theoretical basis of almost 54 mbps.

iPod’s touch design resembles very much with that of the iPhone, the most mediatisated gadget from history. Everything is question of style, so that’s why, the manufacturers have thought to separate the physical home button from the touch screen. We can say that iPod touch, being considered a best seller, is a iPhone without the function GSM. One can do a lot of thing by using it, except that of talking. The display is brighter compared with that of other models and the cower flow interface offers a better field of vision. The touch screen is wide, multi-touch.

The home screen includes a headphone set, an alarm clock and a list of buttons which reveal from the applications that the iPod touch has, such as: music, videos, photos. The safari browser which is incorporated in ipod touch can reveal the pages exactly as they have been conceived for the computer’s displays. Then, calendar, clock, contacts and calculator are the settings found at the top. As wallpaper, iPod touch comes “gifted” with 28 types of photos inspired mostly from the iPod advertisements. Being ”equipped” with almost everything, the question most of the people asked themselves was if iPod touch had Bluetooth. The answer is negative. The sensational iPod touch is the first one who disposes of Wi-Fi connection and multi-touch interface.

We must not forgt that iPod touch has also the accelerometer. Its role is to rotate the images and permit to change the position, either vertical or horizontal. The resolution of the image is very good and clear. The formats iPod touch uses to see the photos are: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF. iPod touch can be found only on black. There are no colours from which one can choose this model. Also you can find it with the capacity to store of 8 or 16 GB (without having the possibility to expand the memory with an external hard).

iPod touch is iPhone’s rival in matter of technology. It’s not just a player, it’s much more.


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