iPod software


The Apple Company designs, manufactures and markets personal computers and related software, services and software solutions. The ipod software produced by Apple browsing and downloading music from the internet is iTunes. iTunes let you browse the iTunes on line music store, where you can search for songs, browse genres and then download songs, music, videos and TV shows. iTunes is only one product from Apple. Besides it, there are more, such as: Copy trans photo (this is the ultimate backup for your iPod, iPod photo and iPod video; you can use this programme to recover and share your iPod photos); the it’s Copy Trans Doctor (the iPod’s doctor meaning that is a repair and recovery solution. Its services consist in diagnosticating, locating missings lost and if it’s the case to recover songs that have been deleted from your iPod).

Another iPod software which is at your service is the iLibs. This iPod software enables you to manage multiple iTunes libraries and easily switch between them. Then iCloner is a product which helps you save storage space. By using it, you can create a complete backup image of your iPod that can be restored in case that is lost, deleted or stolen. Yamipod is another iPod software which allows you to manage the content of your Ipod without necessarily have the iTunes installed. By using it, you can import and export playlists, search for songs, edit notes and much more.

iTunes is the place from where you can buy the music you want, anytime you want – either one song at a time or an entire album. Before buying the music, the iPod software, iTunes offers you the possibility to listen for a few second the song you like in the section „just for you section”. On iTunes, the advantage as an iPod software is that besides buying, you can also watch your favourite artists. Then, playing movies on iTunes it’s a pleasure, but a bigger one is that when you want to watch them, you don’t have to leave your armchair, because now, you can watch a trailer before you buy it, just like in the case of music.

Other things that can be done by using the ipod software, such as iTunes are related to TV shows. Everybody’s opinion is that is much more comfortable to stay at home and watch a movie rather then go somewhere in town. Besides, who would refuse watching films at a higher resolution? I guess nobody!

As an iPod software, you can take advantage of iTunes to listen also to the podcasts just by clicking one button and you’ll have everything what you want: the latest episodes delivered directly to your computer.


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