Things to do/to have (almost a wishlist) till the end of this year

August 2012

(2 emergencies):

 solve the problem with the wisdom tooth

–  buy an external hard drive of 1 terabyte

September, October, November, December 2012

–  learn German (I would have a motivation to get up early – asta nu-mi iese deloc) saaau portughza cred că mă prinde mai bine 😀 (hobby)

–  buy my favourite perfume bought it 🙂

–  do the workouts daily, the workouts which I abandoned this month for objective reasons & train regularly (I said on a   daily basis, ok?! except some days…) at home (thanks, Alla for recommending me: &

–  keep reading good books, keep writing on this blog

–  watching good movies (hm, my internet connection really sucks)

–  terminate the contract with Orange (December’s calling) l-am prelungit până în aprilie

 visit my sister  vine ea

–  optimize this blog

– visit Alla in October in Chişinău and participare at the Wine Festival (it would be great, we haven’t met for such a long  time, I didn’t visit Chişinău aaaaaand I love wine :D) (+ make a new passport) (plan abandonat)

–  hopefully not be alone during the Christmas holidays & New Year

–  visit Sweden OR Norway OR Finland

–  resist the temptation to cut my hair =)) (well, I didn’t resist)

–  and 1 more but that’s a secret 😦


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