A wonderful post

Not this, but that one I’ve read today, written by the girl who sleeps with her pearls on  (I really like this title) . It has made my day. The last week Felicia told me that she had recently watched a movie. A woman had to choose between two men who loved her (or it maybe was just one who loved her?!).

When asked by her best friend (her friend was married, with children) how she decided upon one and not the other she said she had chosen not the ones who loved her, but the one  who helped her to be better, the one who would lift her and helped her be a better version of „herself”.  She chose goodness, not love. By becoming a better, happier person she would pour forth goodness on other people because of the great abundance of blessings.

I don’t know details about the film (not even its name) but as soon as I’ll find out, I’ll tell you.

So happiness is the most important value, not love (love is just an instrumental, intermediary value).


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