SEO Clinic – SEO tips and tricks – Gary Beal la GPEC

Despre workshop-ul lui Gary Bale de la GPEC.

Cuprins cuprinzător 😀

  • Top 12 SEO Tools (The Mashable Version – Here we will cover off my toolbox of free and cheap tools that will triple your production)
  • Top 12 SEO Tips for 2012 v.2 – These aren’t published so bring your video phone and notepads!
  • Top 12 SEO Tricks (a bit grey so forget the name tags!) – White, Grey and Black. We’ll be covering them all in this session. You may not do them but you need to know what your competition is doing and how to combat it)
  • Q&A and Site Analysis

Latent semantics = the # 1 element that you should consider in every piece of content and every SEO strategy that you undertake

You should be using LSA in your content, in-links, out-links, back liks, metatags, image names, URL rewrites, alt tags, subdirectories, file names and subdomains

Long Tail traffic 60% of all traffic

Tool 2: Google Analytics, (php),

Tool 3: Onlywire for social boomark submissions

Tool 4: Tweet adder – completely automate your tweets

Tool 5: Scrapebox – can be used for good or bad

Tool 6: senukex – serious software

Tool 7: Raven

Tool 8: Screaming Frog

Tool 9:, & similar sites

Tool 10: Market Samurai

Top SEO Tips:

1. Target misspellings now (ni se oferă sugestii – did you mean ..)

2. Prevent brand bidding by affiliates (if you have a trademark you can anonymously prevent competitors and affiliates from brand bidding on PPC and organic search results)

3.  MAP Pricing

Tool 11: Majestic SEO

Tool 12: SEO PowerSuite

SEO Tricks:

9. infinite links + takes a serious game plan

10. 3 tier linking in senukexlink to link to links (ex: D links to C, C links to B, B inks to A, A links to manz sites)

10. SeNiKeX google bowling and serious blackhat

11. find high-ranking sites and link out to them (cu do follow :D)

12. invest in domains and run Senukex testsresolve to have „sacrificial lambs” as in order to test googleţs tolerance, zou need to know its limitations.


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