For Valentine’s Day

„Love is just a word until you find someone who gives it the definition”.

Because of an incomplete definition, I thought of posting some songs dedicated to a few of the men I interacted with lately (lately meaning … x years) but surprisingly (yes, I am full of surprises if you can believe it) I’ve changed my mind and I erased them (did you think „too bad?!” Hmm, I can hear youuuuu!) because no, music is not the place I’d like you to touch. Men meaning MEN not necessarily „lovers” (in an incomplete sense, of course)

Yes, for you, for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t remain on good terms with most of you because we weren’t friends from the very beggining. Here you are…well, hypothetically speaking,  some songs with dedication. Enjoy for now the idea and think of one song that could represent you! :))

If  you don’t find yourself in at least one song, that’s definitively a sad sad sad reality. To some of you I just couldn’t find any song, I’m sorry, but I dedicate you THE IDEA of a song.  I will always love-hate you or hate-love you, it’s the same thing! 😉

Meanwhile, I wish you a Happy St Valentine’s Relationshit (or not) Day! In 2 weeks time, yes!


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