I received my Facebook Moo cards and a buzzword challenge

Yay! I’m very happy. I would have expected them to arrive later but here they are. I can see them, I can touch and smell them :))) all mine, wooooo!

4 cards with 4 customized designs  and a common overleaf on which I wrote one of my favourite quotes from Seth Godin ” Quest for truth. Rely on yourself. Unleash your curiosity. Venture further. Why wait? Expect the unexpected” 😀

All cards (50) are packed in a littler white box as you can see below 🙂 and on its back it’s written:  „Hello, we hope you like your cards (noooo :)))). They were printed and hand-packed in London, England.

Just so you know, the paper used for these cards was spurced from sustainable forests.

Keep in touch with MOO (of course), our producs and ideas at www.moo.com/blog or facebook.com/moo.

I received also a buzzword challenge (consider this at some point, a leapşă). There are some some made-up buzzwords that you can squeeze in any meeting ans see how long you can last before someone asks you what the phrases actually mean 😀

Q: How’s our marketing gameplan planning out?

A: (Looking good) It’s  totally, globally blogosperical.

I’ll be offline…social faceworking.

It’s definetly got socialocomotion 

We should future-retroactivate it.

It’s been data-fluffed.

It’s prioritorizational.

Let’s viralize it.


Thank you, Valentin for the tip. You should know and I guess you already know that what you offer is yours and what you keep you will definitively lose. So, thank you again for sharing!


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