The Romanian word for „alexitimie

A safe place to show my emotions: this post .  It has to do with emotional intelligence (I’ve writtern here about emotional intelligence) because yes, being just intelligent seems it’s not enough. Your intelligence may even be harmful (no, not the emotional intelligence). So we need to add some emotions, too. Rare or common ones.

I’ve discovered the picture above some time ago and ever since I’ve been curious about its meaning.

Now: a revelation moment 🙂

I’ve google it and I found an online test. My result: 103 points.

Broken down into various factors to give me some insight on various “topics” from the questions, the results are interesting. There are only two topics which I don’t agree with: Restricted Imaginative Processes and Externally-Oriented Thinking (I cannot show SOME alexitymia there). I found out that my problems are the ones I’ve been aware of but which I didn’t focus on very much.

Here is a list of feeling words (I clearly have to improve my vocabulary :D)

So, I show:

some alexitymia:

– Describing Feelings (my conclusion: it’s much easier to show them than speak about them; I prefer facts more than words. A reason for which on my blog (this one) I seem immortal detached and cold.

and high alexitymia 

– Vicarious Interpretation of Feelings (hermeneutics…you #failed)

– Problematic Interpersonal Relationships (?! high?!)

These being said, what could I add? 🙂 It’s a just test or not just a test (read Adrian Nuta‘s opinion on tests) I should repeat some other time. Maybe I was hungry (upset, stressed, etc) and the result is not an accurate one. Or maybe it is.

Another test (a personality test, this time) I recommend you is this one discovered on tophabits (my type is ENTP: rationalist-inventor ;))

Maybe an emotional test (?!) would be more recommended.


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      • Am inchis siteul 😦 sunt in drum spre casa. Stiu ca la sexual scria ceva cu some… Si la prima categorie era ceva cu high. Si mai erau inca 2 cu some si restul cu no. Daca recitesc ce am scris aici, nu inteleg nimic :))

        • La ce-s bune ciornele:
          – Difficulty Identifying Feelings
          – Difficulty Describing Feelings
          – Vicarious Interpretation of Feelings
          – Externally-Oriented Thinking
          – Restricted Imaginative Processes
          – Problematic Interpersonal Relationships
          – Sexual Difficulties and Disinterest (m-as fi revoltat daca scria ceva naspa aici dar n-ar fi avut cum, zic :)))

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