Love of power vs power of love

Love of power is something many people want but wanting it doesn’t suffice. Wanting the power (loving the power) that doesn’t mean they have it. Wanting always to have the power, well, of course that’s a comfortable truth but in fact a sweet lie.

The love of power I guess is based on a huge fear. Not on power. Not on love. On fear. Why should one  always know (s)he has the power to do things or not? Or that (s)he is always in control? Yes, because (s)he is not, but knowing that, one has to convince herself/himself about having the power. How? By repeating it anywhere, anytime, to anybody. Which is wearing. And by repeating it especially to yourself, you start believing in it. That’s how it works (or not).

That’s only a mask who hides a huge fear (I’ve written here about the mask). A fear maybe we all have (the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of being wrong, the fear of being judged, the fear of revealing your soul, thoughts, etc) but a fear who cannot dissapear just by hiding it under the love of power.

The power of love. Well, that’s the love, not the power 🙂


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