Quotes from fortune cookies

Inainte de-a arunca pumnul de hartiute din fortune cookies adunate de-a lungul ultimilor 2 ani si cumparate din Iulius (v-am zis ca am tendinta de-a acumula hartii dar macar astea nu-s nici colorate, nici cu noroi :)) am zis sa le scriu aici. Culmea, cam toate mi se potrivesc. Karma, only karma 😀

Seen with the eyes of love, everything is different.

There will be no problems at home

Those who ask will get answers

Today, destiny has prepared something for you.

You are getting the attention of those who have something to say

Be ready to forgive

First do the necessary, then the possible and suddenly you will reach the impossible

Today everything changes for you

A cottage and an apartment in the city would be ideal for you.

Today is the tomorrow that you have been waiting for.

Some games may cost you everything

Your hot-headed nature is going to stabilize

Truly understood, nothing can be bad

Your prospects are the best, accept it

You have to know what you want, otherwise you have to take what you get

You have plenty of talents

Don’t get stresses by others

Everything you do now is successful

Best chances! You should use every opportunity

Total enery and great perspectives. With perseverance, you’ll make it

Nice speeches should be followed by actions

This is the beginning of an unforgettable journey

You should arrange your finances in order to improve your social position

You’d better not accept something you do not really want

You love freedom and become a rebel if someone tries to hold you

Luck is waiting at the end of the rainbow

Someone takes care of you with love and friendship

Some advice from other

Don’t lose your esteem for small things

The more often you use your well, the more water it’ll give

A small fish on the table is better than a big one in the river

With your courage and your energy you can carry others away

Your luck is extremely connected with your opinion about life


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