Radio Paradise

radio paradise

Scurt playlist de duminica, in ton cu vremea de afara ~ muzica de taiat venele si pe lungime, si pe latime ~

Cowboy junkies – Me and the devil
Jimi Hendrix – Gypsy eyes
The bad plus – Flim
Melody Gardot – Worrisome heart
Some say Leland – The city is flooding
Pineapple thief – We subside
2 antrenante: Massive Attack- Inertia creeps, The church – Reptile
Steely dan – Aja
Radiohead – Karma police
Great lake swimmers – Passenger song
Zero 7 – In time
Hot Jazz Band – Just a gigolo
Suzanne vega – Language
Mark knopfler – Get lucky ” I’m better with my muscles than I’m with my mouth” :)))
Explosions in the sky – Your hand in mine
Eels – Novocaine for the soul
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the machine
The wailin’ jennys – One voice
Mich Gerber – Eros
Travis – Sing
Verve – Bitter sweet symphony
Broken Bells – Citizen
Jump little children – Cathedrals
Starsailor – Stars and stripes
Porcupine Tree – I drive the hearse
Pearl Jan – Unthought known
David glimour – On an island
The cardigans – Live and learn
Bjor – Big time sensuality
Dandy warhloes – Godless
Delerium – Sopwatch hearts
The Derek trucks band – Sweet inspiration
BoDeans – Fadeaway
Vienna Teng – Gravity

PS: Do not try this at home and neither this!!!


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