iPod nano

Incep seria articolelor (20 la numar) de SEO COPYWRITING pe 2 teme importante – scrise pe vremea cand eram mai mica 😀 (decembrie 2007) pentru tudi.ro (proiecte personale). This is copywriting recycling 😀


What’s the meaning of iPod nano? We may think that the “i” from iPod nano stands for the intelligence, or innovation, intelligence, an interesting thing, or it is used to designate the first-person pronoun. We also may think it doesn’t mean anything in particular. In fact, the “i”, is coming from intelligent and iPod is the short for Intelligent Portable Over Device. Concering the word „nano”, the things are here a little bit different. This refers to the fact that we are talking about something amazingly small and slim. So, to formulate a complete definition, we should say that the iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player.

From its first appearance in 2001, the iPod nano and other mp3players have continued to revolutionize the way we purchase and listen to music. The iPod nano and other new types of nano, are new developments which will continue to change the music’s face. For example, iPod’s nano mini design is original (having the length and the breadth of a credit card, and the weight of 85 milimetres and the capacity to store more than 1000 songs). iPod nano is a player with a lower capacity, compared with its predecessor. Usually, the traditional iPods nano whom the play is a very great hit on the market, can store much more music, from 3700 to 10000 songs. The capacity variates from 4 GB to 80 GB.

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Here are some of things you can do with the iPod nano: browse and view your music and video, then view photos as a slideshow, listen to audiobooks purchases from the iTunes Music Store. You can also store files using the iPod nano as an external disk. iPod nano offers you the possibility to synchronise contact and organise your calendar and your to do-list information from your computer. You can also listen to different podcasts, which are downloadable from Internet. Then, we should mention the larger, the brighter display which offers a very good picture quality.

It is a solid product because it’s a music player and much more. The following three functions recommend it as an extraordinary player:
1. iPod nano can have settled 3 hours from different countries from the continent
2. it has a chronometer, which is very useful in every situation
3. its screen lock refers to the security of iPod nano.

Ipod nano is a newly redesigned product. We can’t pass over without saying it’s a jewel which arouses attention all around. Nowadays, everybody has to have it. Ipod nano is a small big attraction. It is so small that it can fit just about anywhere.


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